Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Kids' clothes

My sons' laundry doesn't leave the laundry room unless they are wearing it!

I have a daughter (15) and three sons (6,3,2). Our laundry room is downstairs and the children's bedrooms are upstairs. The boys usually dress and bathe dowstairs in our bedroom. So, I have found it easier to have their clothes downstairs so that I don't have to take them all upstairs to put them away and then go upstairs to get them and bring them down again to dress them.

My solution has been to have a shelf in my laundry room next to my dryer that has four shelves. On the top shelf, I have everyone's "good" clothes because there aren't as many and all of them will fit on the top shelf and they can't reach them. Then each boy has his own shelf. There are generally four stacks: short, pants, short-sleeve shirts, and long-sleeve shirts. It is so much easier to take each item out of the dryer fold it and place it on the shelf. Shelves make it easier to see things and choose from the stack so that they don't wear the same two shirts over and over.

I, also, have one of those stackable plastic drawer things between my washer and dryer. We use it to store socks and underwear and other small items.

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