Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Menu Monday

I have struggling to get menus planned ahead of time. We tend to not make a decision until about 4pm or 5pm every day. I am going to just make a list of available items and take it from there.

bagels, cream cheese, lox, fruit and yogurt
poptarts, milk and fruit
grits, milk and fruit

quesadillas, refried beans, pineapple
turkey sandwiches, chips, apples
turkey and dumplings, fruit, milk
BBQ turkey sandwiches, chips, fruit and milk

pancakes, sausage, eggs and milk
mexi-bowls (chicken, rice, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, sourcream)
spaghetti, salad, toast
tuna steaks, rice, vegetable and bread

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Free Toilet Paper at Krgoer!!!

There are 50 cent Cottonelle coupons in the paper again this week! Kroger will double them for FREE toilet paper!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is what $20 can get at Publix!!

I got all of this today at Publix for $20.62 for $65.61 worth of stuff!!
My receipt says:
vendor coupons: $19.00
store coupons: $6.00
Advertised Spec: $17.83
Advantage Buy: $2.16

I got:
4 Electrasol tabs (4-$2.25 cpn and B1G1 rainchk)
4 Dannon yogurts (4 $1 cpn & 4 $1 pyramid bklt)
4 Vlassic Pickles (B1G1 & 4 $1 printed cpn)
2 Good Belly Probiotic Drinks (B1G1 & booklet)
2 Huggies Shampoos (2 $1 cpn from mailer)
1 Orville popcorn (half price)
2 Duncan Hines cake mixes (B1G1)
2 pounds of grapes
3 boxes of Ronzoni pasta (b1G1)
1 V8 Splash (half price)

FREE Yougurt at Publix

I got free yogurt at Publix today!!
I wish I had had more coupons and I would have gotten all I could carry!
I had several coupons that I had printed from coupons.com and then I found the booklet, pictured at the right, near the front entrance. The coupons that I printed were worth $1 each and there was a coupon in the pyramid booklet for $1 and they were on sale for $2. Free yogurt!!! I'll hit them up again later this week if I can print more coupons!!

Great freebie at Walgreens today!!!

I got this kiddie gazebo free at Walgreens today!! I had a $5 RR that was left over from all the Robitussin deals last week. The gazebo is 5ft x 5ft and has and SPF 20 protection! It sure will come in handy in the hot Georgia sun next summer!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I am liking Walgreens more and more

At Walgreens, Robitussin is on sale for $3.99

Print three of these coupons
And you will pay $2.97 for three bottles and get $10RR (register rewards) that is like cash that you can use on another purchase at Walgreens.
So, Walgreens will pay you $7.03 to take three bottles of Robitussin off their hands!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

$57.87 for $3.78 at Walgreens

I spent $3.78 at Walgreens this afternoon. Several items were on clearance at 75% off, and some were on sale, and I had a coupon for some of the others. I got $4 RR (register rewards) from the Excedrin that I used toward the purchase of the other items.
I got:
1 touch tone phone- clearance $2.49
2 Oust air spray -sale for $2.99 b1gcpn & $1cpn
1 huge Polident -clearance for $1.67
4 Excedrin-sale for $1.99 -$2cpn for each
1 Glade oil plug in - $4.79 - $4cpn
1 Python glue - clearance $0.99
1 bag of gummies - clearance $0.37
2 bags of lollipops - clearance $0.24
The Oust coupons came from the paper and the Walgreen September Savings booklet. The Glade coupon came from the paper, as well. The Excedrin coupons were printed online.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Walmart Rant!!!!

I went to a different Wal-mart today than usual. Boy, was that a mistake! I got to the register and handed over my coupons and was told that Walmart doesn't accept printed coupons. I explained to the cashier that the Walmart coupon policy states that they DO accept printed coupons. She called someone over (that I can only assume was a CSM or assistant manager of some type) and she told me that they had not accepted them for years. They did not offer to call management or corporate or anything helpful. So, I told them that I was sorry but that I would have to leave all of the items with them and that I would go to a Walmart that knew their own policy! I was steamed! I called corporate and they took all the info and I expect to hear from the store sometime soon. Of course, I didn't have a copy of the policy with me. I changed my method of coupon storage last week and didn't transfer the copy of the policy. I have made three copies for my book so that I will have one for myself and extras to hand out!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Cover Girl Lipstick at CVS

I got $20 worth of lipstick free today at CVS!!! I would never pay $10 a piece but these are great! They stay on a really long time. CVS has them on sale B1G1 and there was a B1G1 coupon in Sunday's paper which makes them both free!!! I have three more coupons, so I should be able to get six more free before the end of the week. YEAH!!!!!