Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dirt Cheap Diapers at Walgreens!

The thanks for this great find goes to Shannon at

Here is the deal in a nutshell.
1. Go to the pharmacy and ask for the Walgreens $50 saving booklet.
There is a coupon there for $2.00 off Walgreen diapers
2. Pick up the July saving/rebate booklet at the front of the store. It is near the sale papers.
There is a coupon in there for $5.00 off two packs of Walgreen diapers.
3. Now get THREE packs of Walgreen diapers.
You get three because when you do, after your purchase you will get a coupon for $5.00 off
another Walgreen purchase.

So, the numbers: (3)x$5.99=$17.97
GRAND TOTAL: $4.47 plus tax and you get back $5.00 to use on something else

1. I had to try more than one store, one pharmacist wouldn't give me the booklet without a
review of my prescription meds. ( I don't take any!)
2. If the number seems a little confusing, it is because the coupons are Walgreen coupons and
they automatically adjust to the number of items that you are buying. So, you only need one
one of each type for each transaction. It is my understanding that you should be able to keep
the coupons because the cashier doesn't need them since they are Walgreen coupons but my
cashier said that she needed to keep them.
3. Don't use the $5.00 coupon on the next diaper deal or it won't print the second time.

I used the $5.00 on a large pack of toilet paper that was $4.00 and a bottle of nail polish.

GREAT DEAL. This deal should work until JULY 28th. I should be well stocked for diapers with a month to work this deal!

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