Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!! My 100th Post!!

I hope that everyone has a blessed New Year. There will be many changes for us this year. I have accepted a job to teach Pre-K for the remainder of the school year. This will mean that the boys and I will be in school all day. This will take some adjusting time. I will continue seek and post deals.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

More FREE Redbox Movies at Walmart

Have you seen the Redbox movie rental things at Walmart? You can rent movies for $1 per day - that is already a good deal. FREE, however, is even better. If you sign up with Redbox at you will get a code for a free rental every Monday. Wait - it gets even better. You can get a free movie rental for each card that you use (your debit card, credit card, or your hubby's cards). It gets even better still - for the next four Sundays there is a freebie code available

12/7 11moms4uS
12/14 11moms4uA
12/21 11moms4uN
12/28 11moms4uT
01/04 11moms4uA

You can do the same thing on Sundays with multiple cards!!!


It happens to almost every year: Christmas morning rolls around and I am missing the batteries for one toy or another! Then, we have to wait until the next day or go out and pay WAY TOO MUCH for the needed batteries.

Here is the solution: FREE BATTERIES!! Now, I can stock up on all sizes and be ready!!!

Here is the link:

Now, when you get to Walmart there are two big battery displays near the check-outs. The batteries that you want are are the very botttom of the display. It took me a while to find them because there are some of the same brand up higher on the display but they cost more.
The ones you want to get are 94 cents and the coupon is for $1 so they are FREE!!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE FREE ?!?!

The coupon is good until 2/28/09 and you can print as many as you want. I got five at once today with no problem. It would be wise to limit yourself to a few for each transaction. It is completely legit but sometimes cashiers can get in a snit.

UPDATE: I wondered why these batteries were 1/3 the price of another version of the same brand. I read the package today and they batteries are recommened for low-ouput devices (i.e. remote controls, clocks etc.) So, they probably won't work well for toys and such. Oh well, at least they are FREE!

Great Kroger Deal - Jimmy Dean Sausage

This is what you get:
2 rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage (They even make a lower fat version)
2 packages of Jimmy Dean patties or links
1 dozen eggs

What you pay: $3 for (before sale and coupons apx $17!)

What you do:
- look through the sausage rolls and find two with a sticker that says
-look for the little coupon blinkie machine right with the sausage for $1 off each roll
- in the sale paper it states that with a two roll purchase you get a dozen eggs free (the register takes it off automatically)

WHOO!!!! I have stocked up with freezer with sausage. I will be stocking up on eggs, too. The sausage is great in any recipe that you would use hamburger. These two items along with the free carnation milk from a couple of weeks ago will be most of what is needed for a Christmas breakfast casserole!

I haven't posted in a while

I haven't posted in a while. We made a trip to my parents for a few day and to my in-laws for a few days and then had a yard sale this weekend. The trips were nice. The yard sale was ALOT work for the little that it yielded but every little bit helps. Now back to the deals . . . . . .