Sunday, June 29, 2008

$7.52 at Walmart on 06/29

A few more deals at Walmart this week that were basically the same as last week but still deals never the less.

I got:

2 Little Debbie Ch. Chip Muffins (2)x$2.15

4 bags Cherrios snack mix (2)x$1.50

2 Signature Family Recips Beans(2)x$1.20 on the clearance rack

4 bag C.F. organic broccoli (4)x$1.58

TOTAL: $19.02


2 Little Debbie (2)x$0.75

4 Cherrios mix (4)x$1.00

2 Signature bean(2)x$1.00

4 C.F. products (4)x$1.00


All coupons came from or

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