Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Trip to Kroger - $6.88

Made a quick trip to Kroger - for the Cottonelle Deal and, of course, picked up a few more things. I spent $6.88 (half of which was for my Coke Zeros - that I HAVE to have). Before sales and coupons the total would have been about $21.

I got:

4 pks Cottonelle tp

2 bags cat food

2 Coke Zeros

1 dz eggs

1 pk of cheese

1 lb ground beef

1 4 pk Yoplait Yogurt

I had 2 coupons for free bags of catfood and (4)$0.50 Cottonelle coupons (they were doubled making them free!) and a $2.00 cellfire coupon for the yogurt. Not a fantastic trip but not bad! I have been looking for a deal on toilet paper. I have managed (thanks to CVS) to be well stocked on most laundry and bathroom items except for toilet paper. Now, I have a start on my store of t.p. too.

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