Friday, July 18, 2008

My Personal Challenge

Starting tomorrow, for the next month, my husband will be away from home. The children and I want to get as many things in the house done/redone, as possible, while he is away. The list is long one and I don't imagine that we can get it all done but it's good to have goals.

  1. De-wallpaper and paint the master bathroom
  2. Paint and de-junk the master bedroom
  3. Paint the hallway upstairs and down
  4. Paint the office/media room
  5. Paint below the chair rail in the playroom
  6. Fix the wall paper in the breakfast room
  7. Clean out all the upstairs closets
  8. Clean out the master bedroom closet
  9. Deep clean and dejunk the upstairs bedroom and make and repairs that are needed
  10. Clean the carpets
  11. Have gutters installed on house
  12. Clear the small wooded aread behind the house
  13. Clean the vinyl siding on the house

WHEW!!!!!! If we get half of these things done it will be wonderful! I will have my daughter (almost 16) to help and hopefully my sweet Momma will come over for a day or two to help.

The other part of my goal is to not spend more than $20 per week while he his out of town (with the exception of paint that we need to buy). Our meals usually center around what he prefers to have on a particular day. However, I have a pretty well stocked kitchen and we are going to see how well we can do on what we already have on hand. The extra money will be useful when we drive up to see him half way through his month long trip.

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