Saturday, July 19, 2008

The de-papered bathroom

The boys and I didn't waste any time getting started today. We wished Daddy goodbye and he was on his way before noon. We hopped in the van and headed out for supplies. We had a coupon for free crazy bread with the purchase of a hot and ready pizza from LC. So, on our hopeful budget of $20 for the week we spent $5 on pizza and $3 on a big watermelon. Then, we hit Walmart and picked up three gallons of paint and a ladder.
We were back home with lunch and supplies in no time!

This is a pic, part way through the process. The color is a little bolder than what I thought I had chosen but it's better than the jungle!
We got down the rest of the paper and got things taped and started to paint. We have about a third or maybe a little more done! I hope to get the rest done before bedtime.
We are planning on eating watermelon outside in the back yard after supper and while they play, I will get a little spraying of the weeds behind the house done.

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