Friday, September 5, 2008

Walmart Rant!!!!

I went to a different Wal-mart today than usual. Boy, was that a mistake! I got to the register and handed over my coupons and was told that Walmart doesn't accept printed coupons. I explained to the cashier that the Walmart coupon policy states that they DO accept printed coupons. She called someone over (that I can only assume was a CSM or assistant manager of some type) and she told me that they had not accepted them for years. They did not offer to call management or corporate or anything helpful. So, I told them that I was sorry but that I would have to leave all of the items with them and that I would go to a Walmart that knew their own policy! I was steamed! I called corporate and they took all the info and I expect to hear from the store sometime soon. Of course, I didn't have a copy of the policy with me. I changed my method of coupon storage last week and didn't transfer the copy of the policy. I have made three copies for my book so that I will have one for myself and extras to hand out!

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